Impact4Soccer Academy is a Soccer Academy in the Netherlands. The Impact4Soccer Method, based on our core values, is a Player Development method which can be used at all levels. 

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Dennis Meier 

“Unfortunately, many youth players do not always get the right attention they need for their development. This is partly due to the fact that training sessions lack quality training and coaching ingredients to get the development going. Youth players depend on the quality of their youth coaches. 

Most coaches, especially in the lower age groups, are mostly volunteers or willing parents. They usually really try to do their best, but lack the right guidance and knowledge. If you don’t get any help or just being told what you are doing wrong, then being a youth coach is no longer fun. This is also the No 1 reason why so many volunteers stop.

That was the reason for me to start with Impact4Soccer while I was still Director of Coaching at Club X in Xenia (OH) and Assistent coach at Dayton Dutch Lions in the United States. With my experience I want youth players and youth coaches with their development. Based on FUN, self-confidence, and of course a proven method, the Impact4Soccer Method. All activities and products are based on this Method that I have developed”.

Dennis Meier

CEO – Director of Coaching

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Dennis is an eager trainer who can work well within a team. He is always there for you and you can leave the management of the training completely to him. Dennis also has good a good view of qualities within a team and comes up with good ideas. Thanks to his knowledge and skills he offer the right training at the right time, in which he developed many players. The mutual cooperation with Dennis was excellent. If I could have involved Dennis ealier in the preparation, the players would have become even better. I hope to be able to continue working with Dennis in the future and I look forward to that. Sonny

Silooy (Ajax Coaching Academy)

Dennis can develop (cognitive) training in such a way that every player is continuously and maximally challenged and motivated to become better. Dennis is a good colleague of mine who wants to develop personally and is open to the newest developments in soccer. He remains critical when it comes to added value and quality. That decribes Dennis in a positive way. He does research to the max and works from a positive and proven concept (Impact4Soccer) perspective to improve cognitive training. His trainings are innovative and it is no surprise that his approach leads to success for players in all aspects.

Matthias Nowak (Bayern München)